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IBM opens the instruction set of its supercomputer level openpower chip

IBM now opens the machine language that belongs to the core of its openpower processor series manufacturing center located outside Pittsburgh at Alcoa technology center; In addition to other systems, the processor family is also used for the world's two fastest supercomputers

today, openpowe means that the tone of industrial "green" development will be further strengthened. R foundation announced this move. This industry organization established by IBM a few years ago aims to promote the adoption of this chip series

the organization is also supported by many other technology companies, including Google. Openpower machine language (or instruction set architecture in technical terms) is responsible for converting software code into physical transistor operation on chip circuit board

many companies used to need to purchase expensive licenses from IBM to use this instruction set. Now, the instruction set can be used for free, so chip designers can integrate openpower functions into their processors without paying license fees. The license terms also allow users to extend and customize the instruction set for the specific application they want to run

ibm now releases many resources so that adopters can get started as soon as possible. These resources include reference guides for embedding instruction sets into non openpower chips and the implementation of opencapi and open memory interface (OMI) protocols for connecting the central processing unit of the server to on-board memory

the underlying physical architecture of openpower chips has not been open source. The latest CPU in this series: Power9 has 8billion transistors and up to 24 processing cores (the number depends on the specific model). The Power9 chip runs in the summit and Sierra systems of the U.S. Department of energy, which are the world's most powerful supercomputers and the second most powerful supercomputers, respectively

the openpower foundation welcomes the opening of the instruction set and believes that this is a blessing for the open source community. Foundation conditional yield limit σ 0.2 strength limit σ b. Elongation δ And reduction of area ψ Hugh blemings, the executive director of the four performance indicators that are often measured in tensile experiments, said in the announcement that from scratch: by making power isa adopt the open mode and providing it to the growing open technology community, we can help the innovation in the field of open hardware and software to accelerate the development

as an extension of this work, IBM will settle the openpower foundation in the Linux foundation, which will manage it. The openpower foundation now allows openbmc, chips alliance, openhpc and many other projects and organizations to join the Linux foundation family. The transfer of the foundation to the industry's most prestigious open source software organization is expected to provide another impetus for the adoption of openpower in the long run

the openpower instruction set is only the latest internal technology released by IBM since its acquisition of red hat for $34billion. Red hat is a major player in the open source ecosystem and is famous for its Linux distribution. Previously, IBM released three special AI tools for cancer research

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