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Icloud is suspected of trademark infringement, Apple's carelessness

there is an old joke in apple that Steve Jobs is surrounded by a "reality distortion force field": if you are too close to him, you will believe what he said. Many of Apple's millions of users have become "believers" of the company, and many apple investors have made a lot of money. However, Elmer DeWitt believes that it is not a bad thing to be a little skeptical when reporting on apple. It should be right to listen to him. You know, he has been reporting on apple and watching Steve Jobs run the company since 1982

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if so, they are sure that the second reason is whether they often fail to reach an agreement with a small company called icloud communications in Phoenix. This communication company claims to have been using the name icloud in voi and display vacuum value p (voice service based on Internet Protocol) business since 2005. Last Thursday, while more than 5200 developers gathered in San Francisco to learn how to write software for Apple icloud, icloud communications filed a lawsuit against apple for icloud trademark infringement in the Arizona district court

the current situation is somewhat strange. Apple applied for the icloud trademark in Europe on May 31, and on the same day, the company released the first draft of using this name. This may cause harm to firefighters. At the same time, the trademark query of CNET station shows that there are only two records about icloud trademark in the United States. One of them was registered by a Swedish company called xceron, which reportedly sold the domain name to apple for $4.5 million in April. The other was applied by Douglas danbeck, a man from North Carolina, on May 6

last Friday, 11 icloud trademark applications could be found on the Internet, all of which were submitted by apple on June 1, and did not show any applications submitted by icloud communications. Fortune Chinese

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