Coal enterprises must strengthen self-discipline t

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Wang Xianzheng: coal enterprises must strengthen self-discipline to get rid of difficulties

Wang Xianzheng: coal enterprises must strengthen self-discipline to get rid of difficulties

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the coal industry is in many difficulties. According to the latest data released by the Bureau of statistics, the total profits of coal mining and washing industries above Designated Size fell 46.1% year-on-year in August

"judging from the operation of the coal economy since this year, there is still a risk of further aggravating the downturn of the coal economy." Wang Xianzheng, President of China Coal Industry Association, said in an interview that from the coal economic operation in the first eight months of this year, the grim situation of enterprise production and operation has not changed

How can coal economy get out of the cold winter? Wang Xianzheng suggested that coal enterprises must strengthen self-discipline, strictly control the disorderly growth of output, strictly prohibit over capacity production, and stop illegal construction and production; Abandon the inertial thinking of "ensuring price by quantity and not allowing the market by price concessions", promote the rational return of coal prices, and strive to make the price of thermal coal rise to 0.1 yuan to 0.2 yuan, such as oxide skin, metal debris, etc./kcal. Enterprises also need to strengthen cash flow management; Promote the construction of market trading system; Scientifically compile the development plan of the left Mobile Industry and slowly expand it to include parameters such as combustion heat release, combustion smoke density and combustion toxicity, so as to optimize the industrial layout

in the first eight months of this year, the national coal production and sales continued to decline. Among them, the coal output was 2.518 billion tons, a year-on-year decrease of 1.44%; The coal sales volume was 2.4 billion tons, a year-on-year decrease of 1.62%. Meanwhile, carbon inventories remain high. By the end of August, the coal inventory of the whole society had been more than 300 million tons for 33 months

the market price of coal shows a downward trend. On September 12, China's coal price index was 136.4, a month on month decrease of 0.2 points, a year-on-year decrease of 21.6 points, a decrease of 25.4 points from the beginning of the year, and a decrease of 86.4 points, or 38.8%, from the historical peak (July 2008)

as the volume and price of the coal market fell, the benefits of coal enterprises also fell significantly. At present, China's coal enterprises have a loss of more than 70%; 70% of coal enterprises reduced wages, 30% of coal enterprises owed wages, and 20% of coal enterprises' wages fell by more than 10%

the plight of the coal industry stems from the imbalance between supply and demand

"in recent years, the massive centralized release of coal production capacity and the gradual slowdown in the growth rate of domestic coal consumption demand have intensified the pressure of oversupply in the coal market." Jiang Zhimin, vice president of China Coal Industry Association, said that in the future, the coal market will be in the digestion period of advanced production capacity and high inventory, and it will be a difficult process to achieve the balance between supply and demand of coal

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