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Policy focus infrastructure investment will maintain a rapid growth

policy focus infrastructure investment will maintain a rapid growth

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under the condition that the downward pressure on the economy this year remains unabated, the important role of "stabilizing investment" in "stabilizing growth" is becoming more prominent, and a package of policies will be concentrated. It is reported that the second batch of special construction funds this year has been arranged. The next step is to expand the scale of the special construction funds and implement a new round of major technological transformation and upgrading strategy. At present, more than 70 billion of special funds have been arranged to support two batches of projects. Industry insiders pointed out that from the perspective of credit exceeding expectations and a series of recent policy trends, the government will further strengthen demand side management and increase infrastructure investment. It is expected that fiscal easing will be further strengthened this year, the investment of special construction funds, local debt replacement and new scale will be significantly increased, PPP will be accelerated, and infrastructure investment will continue to maintain rapid growth. Infrastructure investment has made further efforts

according to the data released by the national development and Reform Commission on the 25th, the national fixed asset investment in January this year was 8584.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10.7% year-on-year. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the infrastructure investment in the first quarter was 2001.8 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 19.25%, and the growth rate was 3.5 percentage points faster than that in January, showing a steady upward trend. In the first quarter, the national real estate development investment was 1767.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year nominal growth of 6.2%, 3.2 percentage points faster than that in January

the national development and Reform Commission said that driven by a series of policies and measures of the central government to strengthen the supply side structural reform and promote investment and steady growth, the growth rate of fixed asset investment continued to rise slightly on the basis of the monthly rebound, reversing the gradual decline in 2015 and laying a good foundation for the stable growth of investment throughout the year. In the coming period, we must take effective measures to continue to expand reasonable and effective investment and consolidate the current situation of stable and good investment

since this year, infrastructure investment has been further strengthened. Up to now, the national development and Reform Commission has approved a total of 15 infrastructure projects. Among them, 4 railway projects, 8 highway projects and 1 airport project have a total investment of 298.328 billion yuan. According to the data released by the national development and Reform Commission, in March, the national development and Reform Commission approved a total of 8 fixed asset investment projects, with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan. By the end of February this year, the total investment of 11 major engineering packages has been 5460.9 billion yuan, an increase of 151.3 billion yuan over the end of January. 48 special projects and 374 projects have been started, an increase of 35 projects over the end of January. Up to now, the state has approved the rail transit construction plans of 40 cities, with a total planned mileage of about 8500 kilometers. It is preliminarily estimated that the total investment in urban rail construction projects nationwide this year will reach 1.75 trillion, with an annual investment plan of 350billion

CICC believes that with the increase of project construction, the growth rate of infrastructure investment is expected to accelerate. In addition, the growth of commercial housing sales in the past six months has contributed to the stabilization and recovery of real estate investment this year; The profit growth rate of industrial enterprises in January will turn from negative to positive, which will also improve the investment enthusiasm of industrial enterprises. The growth rate of fixed asset investment is expected to accelerate in the future. In 2016, the growth rate of fixed asset investment increased to 13.9%, about 4 percentage points faster than that in 2015. The accelerated growth rate of investment will also promote the stabilization and recovery of economic growth

more preferential policies are expected to be implemented

this time

with the strong support of policies, PPP mode has become the main force supporting infrastructure. According to the data, in May 2015, the national development and Reform Commission publicly released the first batch of 1043 PPP promotion projects in China, with a total investment of 1.97 trillion yuan. In December 2015, the national development and Reform Commission updated the first batch of PPP projects, retained 638 PPP projects that continue to be promoted, with a total investment of 1.25 trillion yuan, and publicly released the second batch of 1488 PPP promotion projects nationwide, with a total investment of 2.26 trillion yuan, covering agriculture, water conservancy, transportation facilities, municipal facilities, public services, ecological environment and other fields. At present, the national development and Reform Commission PPP project library contains a total of 2126 projects, with a total investment of about 3.5 trillion yuan. As of April 19, 2016, 7704 projects have been included in the PPP comprehensive information platform project library of the Ministry of finance, with a total investment demand of 8796.7 billion yuan. Compared with the project data at the end of January, there were 707 projects increased in two and a half months, and the total investment demand increased by 664.5 billion yuan

according to the data released by the Ministry of finance, as of March 25, the PPP demonstration projects of the Ministry of Finance accounted for 49.79% of the total PPP demonstration projects, significantly higher than the 44.6% level at the end of last year. Shenwan Hongyuan Securities believes that with the introduction of a number of policies, the relevant policies and norms of PPP projects are basically perfect. At the same time, after the central, local governments, enterprises, banks, funds and other participants have passed the running in period, there are enough precedents to follow, and the speed of all parties to promote the implementation of projects is also accelerating. In addition, in September last year, the Ministry of finance, together with 10 institutions such as China Construction Bank, jointly initiated the establishment of the Chinese government and social capital cooperation (PPP) financing support fund, with a total size of 180billion yuan. The fund directly supports PPP projects from the capital level, and more preferential policies may be implemented in the future

at the same time, more and more local governments attract all kinds of social capital through the model of industrial investment funds, and accelerate the implementation of PPP projects. At present, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, Guangdong, Anhui and other regions have successively set up an industrial investment fund that should also match and revise the action of connecting the stick/falling behind the head, which is mainly used for infrastructure and public service construction, supporting emerging industries, supporting start-ups, accelerating urbanization, etc

CICC believes that the factors restricting the implementation of PPP projects will change significantly this year, PPP mode will be invested in infrastructure, marking the revision of charging interface standards in China (polishing off the coating plays an important role in making important progress, and the growth of infrastructure investment will rebound, with strong sustainability, and become the main force for steady growth.

the pulling role of special construction funds is highlighted.

as a new policy tool to promote investment, special construction funds are playing an important role. During the national two sessions, Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, said that we should further make good use of special construction funds This policy tool is invested in specific projects in the form of capital to support the construction of projects in key areas that are accurate, profitable and do not add excess capacity, especially some projects that make up for weaknesses

the national development and Reform Commission recently issued a document once again emphasizing that we should continue to give full play to the amplification and leveraging role of special construction funds, accelerate the commencement and construction progress of projects, make overall arrangements for the investment in the central budget and special construction funds, and give priority to supporting the construction of PPP projects that meet the investment direction

on January 6 this year, the national development and Reform Commission arranged and deployed the application of the first batch of special construction funds. It is planned to arrange 400billion yuan, one batch every quarter. Earlier, it was reported that the national development and Reform Commission had arranged a special construction fund of 600billion yuan in the second quarter of this year to continue to play a positive role in promoting the steady growth of investment. A total of 1trillion yuan was arranged for the special construction fund in the first two quarters of this year

CICC said that the special construction fund is mainly to solve the problem of insufficient project capital and guide the issuance of bank loans, so as to promote the rapid start-up of projects and the formation of investment. As the proportion of project capital is generally%, it is expected to stimulate investment by times

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