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Poland: the plastic packaging industry is still growing steadily

although the price of raw materials in Poland rose sharply in 2011, the country's plastic industry continued to grow in 2012, and many plastic manufacturers plan to expand their production capacity. A fast-moving injection molding machine has attracted the attention of everyone. Despite the huge price pressure, the plastic packaging market in Poland is still growing steadily

Lech, President of the Polish Packaging Association, said that in 2011, the consumption of plastic packaging in Poland was 57 euros per capita, and the output value of the plastic packaging market reached 2.2 billion euros, accounting for about 36% of the total output value of the Polish packaging market. It is understood that the Polish Packaging Association, founded in 1994, currently has more than 100 enterprise members

affected by the optimistic economic outlook in Poland, the local plastic industry will achieve rapid growth in 2012. Credit Suisse predicts that Poland's GDP will grow by 3% in 2012 and reach a growth rate of 3.5% in 2013. In the fourth quarter of 2011, official data released by the Polish Central Bureau of statistics showed that the country's GDP increased by 4.3% over the previous year

many Polish plastic enterprises are actively investing to expand production capacity. Take suwary, a manufacturer of plastic packaging and auto parts, as an example. Last year, the company made a total investment of 6.5 million euros. HPM put forward suggestions for optimizing component design, in which a new plastic packaging plant will be built in Lodz Province, Poland. It plans to produce a new multi-layer plastic bottle with a capacity of 0.5 to 30 liters by the end of 2017 this year. About 40% of the company's products will be exported to overseas markets

according to the introduction, the stability of raw material prices, the implementation of cost saving measures and the sharp increase in product sales are the key factors to promote its good performance last year. In 2012, the sales volume of European film company, a leading plastic film manufacturer in Poland, is expected to exceed 149million euros. It is understood that one of the projects with a total investment of 5.77 million euros will increase the company's tensile film production capacity by 25%, and will help the company launch a new three-layer tensile film to the Polish market

according to Kamil, director of the Polish Association of polystyrene manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the Association), the local EPS (polystyrene foam) sales volume increased significantly in 2011. The association said that the EPS market in Poland increased by 9% in 2011, and the sales volume in the first three quarters reached 170100 tons, with a total market value of about 524 million euros

when asked about the development prospects of Polish EPS manufacturers, Camille said that the association was very optimistic about this. Of course, some people were worried that the financial crisis in the euro zone would affect the growth of EPS market. However, due to high transportation costs, Polish EPS manufacturers rarely export their products, so the domestic market is the most important for them

at the same time, the huge business opportunities in the Polish market have also attracted the attention of foreign plastic production enterprises, and many enterprises plan to build factories in Poland. LSB, a famous pet manufacturer in Spain, has announced that it will set up a PET production plant in Poland and will inject strong impetus into the development of its plastic packaging department in the northeast of Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, where the frequency is 80 (2) 50Hz and the test time is short

in a word, there are many acquisition opportunities in the Polish plastic market, which also reflects its strong attraction to the global plastic industry from another aspect

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