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Coated paperboard for separating moisture and gas Finland successfully developed

two Finnish companies applied for a coated paperboard to prevent the transmission of liquid and gas in the United States. The invention discloses a coated paperboard and its manufacturing method, as well as the packaging material made of it. The paperboard has at least one layer of film to prevent the transmission of liquid and gas. The film is made of a polymer, which is dispersed with talc powder, which accounts for 30% - 80% of the weight of the dry film. The coating is applied during the manufacture of paperboard. Paperboard can be multi-layer board, with a substantial increase of 111%. The core layer contains CTMP or other similar mechanical slurry, the outer layers on both sides are permeable sulfuric acid slurry that will destroy the soil, the outermost layer is a polymer isolation layer containing talc, and a heat sealing layer is added to the isolation layer on one side of the board, according to the calculation of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

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