The hottest pollution discharge fee will be double

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On September 11, according to the voice of economics "transaction reality", the phenomenon of preferential emissions for economic growth still exists in many regions, so in recent years, the cost of enterprise emissions is low, the original collection standard is limited, and the work of pollution control and emission reduction is still not ideal

for this reason, the national development and Reform Commission recently issued an announcement on adjusting the collection standard of sewage charges. By the end of June 2015, the collection standard of waste gas and sewage had been raised from the original 0.6 yuan and 0.7 yuan/pollution equivalent to 1.2 yuan and 1.4 yuan/pollution equivalent, that is, double the collection

as for the paper industry, after the adjustment of the collection standard, only sewage, the expenditure per ton of paper faced by enterprises increased from 46 yuan to 91 yuan, increasing the illegal cost of enterprises. However, in recent years, the paper industry has continuously improved its system energy efficiency, and the overcapacity in the industry has become increasingly prominent, with profits plunging sharply. This move will squeeze the profit space of paper enterprises again, and the bad news is obvious

the improvement of the standard of sewage charges is not only the product of strict law enforcement and investigation of violations. The state intends to urge enterprises to transform and upgrade through administrative means. For paper enterprises, on the one hand, eliminate backward production capacity and speed up the upgrading of equipment; On the other hand, increase investment in environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and efficient output. This is the way for paper enterprises to survive, and it is also the truth that environmental protection is both a productive force and a smooth one in today's era. (Editor: Xie Meng)

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