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According to the experience of fruit farmers in Meixian County, the promotion of non-toxic preservatives for the storage of citrus, orange and grapefruit not only has a good preservative effect, but also can greatly reduce the residual toxicity compared with the preservation with chemical pesticides, so as to ensure that people eat safe fresh fruits. It can realize demand and supply, and vigorously promote the following five non-toxic preservatives:

first, biological agents. ① Soak the fruit in 10% garlic solution for 5 minutes. The method is: first mash the garlic into mud, add 10 times water to soak it for 24 hours. When Xiao Deng is a member of the entrepreneurship service department, filter it and use it. If a small amount of camellia seed oil is added, the effect is better, and it is better to use it with matching. ② Wash and soak the fruit with 10% eucalyptus leaves or 10% tea cake boiling solution modified at too low cost, that is, soak and fish, and its anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping effect is also very good. Second, edible esters. With 1%? 1? Soaking fruits with 5% colorless white vinegar has good antiseptic and weight loss prevention effects, and can improve fruit color and flavor. 3、 Rare earth. Washing fruits with 0.03% rare earth nitrate solution can reduce the decay rate and weight loss rate of storage, and promote smooth peel and good coloring. 4、 Chemicals. ①0? 1% potassium permanganate plus 1% salt mixture to soak fruits for 1? 2 minutes can reduce decay and improve quality. ②0? 2% sorbic acid or calcium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate 3? After 4 minutes, the peel hardness can be increased and the antiseptic power can be enhanced. Soaking with lime water clarifying solution has the same effect. 5、 Wax pine keeps fresh and antiseptic. After dissolving with white wax or beeswax or paraffin, the base of the fruit sealing handle can prevent corrosion. After sealing, fresh pine needles are used to separate it from the fruit for 1? Two layers of pine needles can release pine phenol for sterilization. This method can not only prevent corrosion and fresh-keeping, but also promote good fruit coloring. It has a wide range of sources, low price and good quality, and is adopted by the majority of fruit farmers

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