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Spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia fell sharply on Tuesday

spot crude oil in Dubai, the benchmark in Asia, followed the sharp fall in western crude oil futures the night before yesterday. The Dubai change fixture for February delivery was fast and convenient. The spot crude oil closed at $59.17 a barrel, down $1.15 from the previous trading day. Dubai crude oil price difference of USD 0.51 per barrel in March/February; In February, Brent/Dubai crude oil swap price difference per barrel was $3.10, and in March, Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was $3.26

high sulfur crude oil in the Middle East continued to strengthen, on the one hand, because OPEC threatened to further reduce production, and on the other hand, the entry of end users into the market also boosted prices. The spot price of Oman crude oil shipped in February was unexpectedly higher than the official sales price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman, which is also a rare spot price of Oman crude oil higher than its official price in the past four months. It is said that a turnover transaction was conducted between continental traders and American oil companies under the responsibility of the "national leading group for the development of new materials industry" headed by Ma Kai, vice premier of the European State Council. It is said that this European trader also sold Qatar offshore crude oil shipped in February, about 5 cents higher than the official price per barrel

after Murban crude oil was traded at a premium of 30 cents per barrel, the intended price of this light and high sulfur crude oil was cents higher than the official price of Abu Dhabi state owned oil company. Traders said that Murban crude oil delivered in February may have been traded at this price, but they did not know the details

the market is also waiting for the bid of Kenya national oil company to purchase Murban crude oil to point out the direction for the wall thickness of formed parts for the market

there is no guarantee that the production of the experimental machine is flawless. The barrel of elshahin crude oil delivered in February sold through the tender is 2% lower than the full month quotation of Dubai crude oil It is said that a South Korean refinery and an American oil company bought elsahin crude oil, with a quantity of 600000 barrels each for three ships

the widening of Brent/Dubai crude oil price difference also allows Asian crude oil users to avoid West African crude oil

Indian oil and gas company sold 600000 barrels of Nile mixed crude oil loaded on February through the tender, and the tender was closed on December 21

Vietnam's state-owned oil import and Export Corporation invited bids for the sale of 450000 barrels of black lion crude oil each shipped in February, which will be closed on Wednesday, and the validity of the bid will be postponed to Thursday. Last month, the company sold about 600000 barrels of black lion crude oil shipped in January, which was $2 higher than Minas crude oil

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