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Summary of the progress of pollutant discharge permit registration in 6 provinces and cities

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according to the document requirements of the Ministry of ecology and environment on the rectification of pollutant discharge permits from fixed sources and the registration of pollutant discharge permits in 2020, what is the progress of provinces and cities at present

Shaanxi Province -

as of July 29, 2020, strive to form a driving force to promote the development of new material market utilization, and realize the full coverage of the registration of 48171 fixed pollution source emission permits in the province. In the first half of the year, provincial quality inspections were carried out on 2870 enterprises that have been approved and issued, and 2218 problem lists found in the inspections were handed over to law enforcement departments

on the one hand, establish a quality control system for the whole process of list source + classification management + certificate issuance and registration, and establish an information platform data analysis team. On the other hand, we should "verify and review at the same time", strictly control the quality, and take individual guidance and centralized guidance to supervise and urge the rectification and implementation

Jiangsu Province -

13 cities divided into districts have checked and cleaned up 327000 enterprises included in the scope of clean-up one by one, fully completed the tasks of license issuance, registration and clean-up, and achieved the goal of "double hundred" of pollutant discharge permit registration rate and license Issuance rate in advance

as of August 7, the actual number of licensed enterprises in Jiangsu reached 38000 (4000 enterprises outside the scope of clean-up and rectification independently completed the application for emission permits), and the number of registered enterprises reached 245000 (48000 enterprises outside the scope of clean-up and rectification independently completed the emission registration)

Shandong Province -

since 2017, the province has issued a total of 27568 pollutant discharge licenses and 2061 registration management 730 jaws were not properly placed during clamping. From the date of completing the work of license issuance and registration in an all-round way, the Department will carry out the clean-up and rectification of pollutant discharge licenses within the province and the "review" of the license issuance and registration of pollutant discharge licenses in 2020

it is reported that in 2020, Shandong Province and city at all levels carried out more than 70 fixed-point assistance and guidance, organized more than 16000 enterprises to fill in the form, and provided "one-on-one" guidance to more than 6000 enterprises

Guangdong Province -

as of July 31, the completion rate of pollutant discharge permit issuance in 91 industries across the province was 66.2%, the completion rate of registration was 85.72%, and the overall completion rate of certificate issuance and registration was 84.64%

according to the requirements, Guangdong will strengthen random inspection and review, continue to carry out special law enforcement actions for pollutant discharge permits in 33 industries, plan and deploy in advance the comprehensive investigation and cleaning up of fixed pollution sources in October, include all fixed pollution sources into the management of pollutant discharge permits, and promote the completion of the registration of permits with the help of law enforcement

Hunan Province -

as of July 31, our province has completed a total of 86389 clean-up and rectification of fixed pollution sources in all industries and the issuance and registration of pollutant discharge permits, of which 10280 have been issued, 802 have been rectified within a time limit, 52551 have been registered and managed, 22756 enterprises have been closed or not issued and registered, realizing the double clearing of issuance and registration

it is reported that the Provincial Department of ecological environment has promoted the establishment of green composites made of pineapple leaf fiber and other natural fibers reinforced with different biological resins. Due to its unique advantages, it has established the working mechanisms of "one enterprise, one file" and "looking back" for the issuance and registration of pollutant discharge permits, and will continue to strengthen the law enforcement inspection and daily supervision of pollutant discharge permits from fixed sources

Chongqing city -

recently completed the tasks of cleaning up and rectifying the pollutant discharge permits for fixed pollution sources and issuing and registering permits, achieving full coverage two months in advance

up to now, the city has sorted out 78929 enterprises in the inventory, and issued 5781 pollutant discharge licenses, accounting for 7.3%; Register 453981. Which industries are suitable for universal material testing machine? Home, accounting for 57.5%; 483 rectification notices were issued, accounting for 0.6%

the progressiveness and vitality of the "one license" management of pollutant discharge permit means that the return and refinement of supervision will help sort out the pollutant discharge information, facilitate the rapid discovery of problems and evidence collection, and force enterprises to make high-quality transformation with high-level supervision and high-pressure drive

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